Ben R.

Hi, I'm Ben Richardson

I have a piece of paper that says I’m an Aerospace Engineer and a portfolio of startup companies and tech projects that I built by teaching myself how to design and code

Currently I'm the President and Chief Technology Officer ofHubba Thailand, the largest startup ecosystem in Thailand, with interests in coworking spacestechnology festivals and more

I co-founded and run a technology festival called Future Assembly that has since pivotted into a SaaS product to help festivals automate operations and provide a better customer experience

Prior to Hubba I was providing my services as a Fractional CTO/CIO to organisations that either; can't afford a full time CTO/CIO, or are in need of an interim solution for short period of time

Previousely I was the CTO of a heavily funded ($33m raised in the first round) technology startup focussed on reforming the mental health care system across Australia and beyond called Innowell

Prior to Innowell I was the Group Product Manager of a small team (PwC Ventures) inside a big company (PwC) where I built disruptive web and mobile products including Airtax and Nifty

If you're seeking advice, I offer office hours twice every week. Reach out to my Personal Assistant. To learn more about my background and journey, check out my posts

If you're seeking cash investment, I invest small amounts of money twice yearly. Send me a pitch deck to If you are interested in becoming an investor, sign up to Humuun