Ben R.

Hi, I'm Ben Richardson

I have a piece of paper that says I’m an Aerospace Engineer and a portfolio of startup companies and tech projects that I built by teaching myself how to design and code

Currently I am providing my services as a Fractional CTO/CIO to organisations that either; can't afford a full time CTO/CIO, or are in need of an interim solution for short period of time

Most recently I was the Chief Technology Officer of a new, heavily funded ($33m raised in the first round) technology startup reforming the mental health ecosystem called Innowell

Prior to that I was the Group Product Manager of a small team (PwC Ventures) inside a big company (PwC) where I built disruptive web and mobile products including Airtax and Nifty

I co-founded and run a technology festival called Future Assembly that aims to make high-technology more accessible to non-technical people and industries

If you're seeking advice, I offer office hours twice every week. Reach out to my Personal Assistant. To learn more about my background and journey, check out my posts